Mexican Marisco – Cooking Workshop by Casa Mexicana


Sunday June 5th at 11 AM

Workshop Description:

Mexican Mariscos are one of the cornerstones of the Baja Region cuisine (Paulina Gallardo home state!), sandwiched between the Pacific on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, Baja has some of the freshest seafood in the West! As we are coming on to Summer, our next workshop will explore the fresh style of Mexican Mariscos, using the best of Portuguese seafood!

This Workshop will feature all our favorites like Baja Fish tacos, fried in their recognizable beer batter and topped with the freshest ingredients. Mexican Ceviche not to be confused with the Peruvian ceviches, we will accompany this with freshly made Tostadas. And we can’t miss the heartwarming seafood broth that opens every appetite with the pure taste of the sea. As per usual we will make a couple Salsas and a Guacamole, those salsas that go well with seafood like Salsa Negra and Pico de Gallo for our fish tacos.

For dessert, we will make Paletas de Mango con chile with some chili toppings. For drinks, we will prepare Vampiritos, meant to rise you from the dead, and offer our super refreshing non-alcoholic Boing juices. You will definitely feel the Baja heat with this workshop in our partners’ WEAT Hubs beautiful Lisbon kitchens!


Mexican Mariscos Menu:

Mexican Seafood Broth starter

Baja Fish Tacos, served with all toppings including chipotle crema, sliced cabbage & pico de gallo

Mexican Ceviche served with freshly made tostadas

Sides: Trio of Salsas, Guacamole and Totopos

Dessert: Paletas Mango con chile

Drinks: Tequila or Beer Vampiritos and Boing Juices (non-alcoholic)


*This workshop is Vegetarian friendly, but please specify your dietary restrictions on the notes at the time of booking so we can make the changes accordingly.


Workshop Information:

When: Sunday, June 5th 2021 at 11 AM

Where: WEAT Gastronomic Hubs

Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa,
Edifício Gonçalves Zarco,
1350-352 Lisboa

WEAT implements the Covid-19 Prevention Health and Safety Plan.



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